Welcome to JNR Mfg.


J & R Mfg., the only privately-owned funeral merchandise company located in New York City since 1923, has entered into a new era. Recently, we have joined forces with Victoriaville & Co., a fourth-generation casket manufacturer and funeral products distributor. 
Teaming up with The Victoriaville & Co. family will ensure a constant supply of quality, innovative and personalized products to our loyal clients. 
With the ongoing evolution of funeral services, we will focus on providing outstanding customer service as well as bringing various types of products and solutions to you, our valued clients.


The J&R Difference  

Respect, integrity and responsibility are the basic values that guide our work every day. Our values can be found at the heart of all of our actions.   We make it our duty to identify the latest market trends in order to offer products to our clients that are always adapted to their customers’ ever-changing needs.    

Our fundamental values allow funeral homes to rely on a trustworthy business partner and focus on what matters most - grieving families and their loved ones. 


YOUR LOCAL One Stop Shop
With four generations of experience, we provide a full range of caskets, international shipping containers, vaults, urns, funeral supplies and commemorative products developed specifically to meet the needs of funeral directors and their respective customers in the greater NYC area.  All of our products are made in North America and we sell them exclusively to Licensed Funeral Directors.  


Our Client First Philosophy
Each and every J&R employee is passionately committed to meeting the needs of your funeral home at any time. We aim to provide a five-star service so you can focus on the families you serve.   In fact, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most reliable delivery service in NYC.   


Merchandising Solutions  
The purpose of a funeral is to create an honorable closure to every life. At J&R, we provide a full range of products and services to help you exceed your families' expectations.  
Whether your funeral home uses a traditional full-size room or a modular casket display, we can develop a successful merchandising program that will suit the preferences of the families you serve. New contemporary products have been added to many of the classic and traditional designs in order to offer you a complete selection of unique products.   


Personalization Services  
Families have shown a growing interest in rendering the funeral more personalized and a true reflection of the life of the deceased.  At J&R, we provide casket and urn engravings, interchangeable corners and customized cap panels as a means of incorporating personalization features into the funeral.  We also provide unique designs to families who wish to highlight the importance of their tradition or religion.  


Families opting for cremation often have a wide variety of preferences with regards to the type of casket or container they chose. At J&R, we offer a complete range of cremation and commemorative products aimed at satisfying your customers' needs'.  

All our wooden caskets can be selected for cremation and burial since our cremation line of caskets and containers is designed to offer our clients the option for both a cremation service and a traditional burial.  

Training & Support 
Our team has many years of experience in the death care industry and we believe that our knowledge of the business makes us the best partner for your business by helping you support the needs of your customers and their families. At J&R, we can offer support by developing training programs geared specifically to the needs of your funeral home staff, and be active in the follow-up and implementation of these newly acquired skills.